01 Apr

I hate it, but it works

Election campaigns are in full swing, and the four major parties (maybe five, including the Green Party) are all pumping out the usual crap, in terms of their ads.

I can’t get hold of all of the ads, but the Conservatives have had this one on the go:

Conservative election poster 2015

Pretty bland, pretty obvious, but it gets the message across: they’re trying to convince you that they’ll keep Britain’s economy on track.
It also contains the word ‘road’, then shows … a road.


Labour have focussed on particular issues, including VAT:


Again – pretty simple, pretty obvious, gets the message across; the Conservatives will make you suffer by increasing VAT.
The poster shows VAT – literally – as a wrecking ball (or something of that type).

However, I saw the best poster of the campaigns so far, this morning … and, unfortunately, it’s a poster for UKIP.
I say ‘unfortunately’, as, although I don’t usually express a political opinion in these posts, I’m not a fan of the party and what they stand for.

Here’s the UKIP poster:


UKIP, whatever you say about them, have just one, simple, clear message: they’re against immigration.
Because they have such a simple message, people know exactly why to vote for them (or not). If you’re anti-immigration, they’re your party.

The above poster reiterates that same, single proposition.

That aside, though, it’s a great lateral leap from that single proposition: you get escalators at airports, and they make it easy to get from place to place (or, in this case, easy to ‘get in’) + immigrants are often perceived as ‘coming over on boats’, so it’s good to show a beach + what could be more British than the White Cliffs of Dover?’

It’s a simple, memorable, visual way to get across one message: ‘The Conservatives have made it easy for immigrants to come to the UK – we’ll stop that’

I don’t like what UKIP stand for, but – in terms of getting a simple message across – this poster works better than any of the others I’ve seen so far.

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