14 Sep

If you’re not sure, just say nothing

It always seems to be that I spot things of interest while I’m driving, at the moment (I do keep my eyes on the road, I promise).

In this case, I was driving home after a day out, yesterday, when – stopped at traffic lights – I saw a big building on my left, plastered with a company name and their slogan.

This slogan (to reiterate – plastered all over their building) said: ‘focussing on reliability’.

So – as I read it – they’re not quite reliable yet / they’re unreliable…. but, bless ’em, they are focussing on becoming more reliable in future.

I’m sure most companies go through about 100 potential slogans before they get the right one, and there’ll be lots of ‘maybe’ and ‘yes that’s the one!… oh perhaps not’ along the way.
Until it’s just right, though (or at least makes sense / doesn’t make your company look a bit silly), it’s probably better to have no company slogan at all.

It’s certainly better than going ‘yup, that’ll do’ and plastering ‘focussing on reliability’ all over your building in 4 ft high letters….

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