05 Mar

Images are powerful

I was messing about online, a few days ago, and came across the image below (I think it was in a picture gallery on EbaumsWorld):


I’d had a pretty rubbish day, but this image picked me up – it genuinely made me smile and gave me one of those weird, warm, fuzzy feelings, inside ….*shudders* …. sorry about that.

It’s just a picture of a random elderly couple – I’ve never met them in my life, and I’m never likely to- but look a it…

They’re old, wrinkled, have seemingly been together for a lifetime… but look how in love they are.
Look at that mischievous glance from the woman, in the top image. Look how proud that man is (in a kind of silly way) to have is arm round her.

Look at that kiss in the bottom image, and the woman’s face creased with laughter (‘get off me, you daft sod!’), yet she’s still tenderly clasping his wrist.

There’s a lot of love in that image (or rather, those images). There’s a lot of feeling, depth, emotion.

I’d love to be like those two, if I’m lucky enough to reach a ripe old age. If I had nothing else – not a pot to pee in – but was as silly, mischievous, and in love as that elderly couple, I’d be very happy.

All these feelings from just one image that I came across, at random, whilst looking through an image gallery on a time-wasting website.

Images are powerful, and can often say more than pages of words ever could. Use them carefully and use them sparingly.

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