08 Jan

In the mind of others

My friend posted this on Facebook earlier – ‘What would happen if dogs could text’.

Here’s one of the examples:


Yes, it’s silly, but I also think there’s a touch of genius about it.

It’s actually really hard to get into the mindset of a dog and talk, convincingly, as if you’re that animal. Whoever came up with these texts, genuinely sounds like an excitable dog. Worryingly, it feels like they sat around for a long time, thinking ‘how does a dog think? … how does it view humans? … how would it send text messages?’

I try to write as my cat, but I feel my efforts are a little hit n’ miss.
It’s hard work trying to think how my cat ‘speaks’. I do it more as a writing exercise than anything else – I’m  trying to write in a bizarre tone of voice and see if I can get it just right.

I recommend everyone gives something like this a try, at least once. If nothing else, it’s good fun and it stretches your mind a bit: certainly beats doing Sudokus (why do people do them??).

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