07 Aug

Just a little more info please…

Clients. I love them all dearly. I’d be scribbling away, by candlelight, under a bridge – pencil on toilet paper – without them, but… every now and then I need a little more direction to produce good work.

Please try to understand that the following phrases allow me to do precisely nothing for a business;

‘Just make it good’

‘Do something crazy’

We want to stand out’

‘Anything other than the usual’

‘How about something a bit different…’

‘Use your imagination’

‘We’re not just your standard [insert business type here]’

‘Just do something that excites our customers/clients’


All I ever want is to produce great work for clients (and by ‘great’ I mean both engaging and effective), that achieves all of the objectives they set out at the start.
I hope none are ever offended when, upon hearing one of the above statements, I ask: ‘sorry, have you got a little more information on exactly what you’re looking for from this piece of work?’

Or, to put it another way, you wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and respond to the waiter’s requests to order from the menu with: ‘I’d just like some nice food, please – bring it over when you can’

Specifics. They’re vitally important.

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