22 Mar


Given that it’s Sunday evening, I won’t batter your heads with too long a post, but I saw this oddity in the ad break between a film, last night:

What on earth is that all about?

It’s lovely that KFC have been serving buckets of fried chicken for 50 years, but what are they trying to do with this saccharine pile of adland nonsense?

Are they trying to reposition themselves as the staple diet of the chattering classesthe perfect nuclear family – with this twee crap?

Don’t get me wrong, anyone can enjoy a KFC, but the notion that the kid in this ad was quaintly raised on a diet of chicken buckets and beans to become the fine, upstanding citizen he is now… just comes across as disingenuous and slightly patronising.

I can’t imagine for one minute, that the curtain twitchers on and around King’s Road are suddenly overcome with the urge to drop their Sunday coq au vin for a bargain bucket, despite the temptation of the ‘secret blend of 11 herbs and spices’.

This ad is just not representative of how KFC is perceived, and it comes across as a little odd.

It’s fine to go after a different target audience, but I think the colonel’s gone way off piste with this one.

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