06 Mar

Learning a new language

45 gallon drum



DPM membrane

Drill and jig kit

This is all new to me.
It’s the language thrown around at a weekly DIY club (for want of a better way of describing it) I go to.

If I want to progress, and I want to fit in, I’m going to have to start understanding what some of these things mean.

And that’s what it takes to write good, authentic copy or content about a subject that’s new to you.
You have to immerse yourself in that world. You have to learn the language associated with that world.

Whether it’s forensic accounting, property law, learning disabilities, or catering, you have to know what you’re writing about and how to ‘talk the talk’.

I’ve written about weaning, having – as a man – never weaned an infant before, and not had any children myself yet.
I simply read all I could on the subject, went on forums, asked around – and soon enough, there I was; writing about weaning like I knew all about it.

It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of being a copywriter or content writer – getting to grips with a new subject.

Everyone should have a go: pick a subject you know nothing about and see if, within a day, you can start writing about it with confidence.



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