15 Jun

Learning the lingo

I’ve just started work with a new client. A property law client.
They asked me if I’d done work in this sector before and I fessed up and said ‘no’.
I let the work in my folio speak for itself and assured them that there’s no new client/sector I’ve worked for where, within a few days, I haven’t nailed their tone of voice and been au fait with industry parlance.

And so it begins…

The floor around me is littered (metaphorically) with terms I’m not used to; disbursement, freehold, leasehold, ledger, registration fraud.

I look at these and they seem alien to me, but I have the confidence to know that, in a few days, I’ll understand them and what they mean in the correct context.

I have a lot of background reading to do, but I’ll get through it and I’ll soon be writing with all the knowhow and savvy of a property law professional, and the client will have the copy and content they need.

This is what makes writing copy so interesting. You start off knowing nothing about a client or their industry and, within days, your head is full of everything you need to know to write with confidence.
You can then use the work you’ve done to impress other clients from the same industry and gain new work.

In all my years writing copy, I’ve learnt about all sorts of things I had no clue about initially; weaning infants, collision protection systems, PhD courses, learning disabilities, strokes, stem cell donation – you name it, I’ve written about it.

You’re simply learning a new language each time.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get my head round requisitions.
Fun times ahead.

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