18 Jan

Lessons from Snoop

Take a peek at this – Snoop Dogg providing the commentary to a nature documentary:


It’s funny.


Because the tone Snoop sets, and the words he uses, are completely wrong Vs what we’re used to hearing when it comes to nature documentaries.

We’re used to hearing factual, scientific commentary, from highly qualified naturalists, in hushed overtones.
Snoop – as far as I know – has no scientific background and is just ‘calling it as he sees it’, using slang, general colloquialisms, and an overexcited tone… which is what makes us laugh. It just doesn’t sound right. The tone of voice is all wrong.

So, Mr Dogg provides a great example (obviously, in this case, he’s self-aware) of how awful it sounds when the tone of voice isn’t quite right.
It’s funny when it’s an intended comedy sketch… less so when it relates to your own business.

I’m about to write content for a London-based property development firm, aiming at serious investors across the UK and in the Middle East. Do you think I’ll apply a jovial, conversational tone of voice? Do you think I’ll slip in a few jokes? Will I go for flippant or aggressive? Or do you think I’ll go for authoritative and professional?

Tone of voice is really important to get right. It defines your entire brand (well beyond just the copy).
Be sure your tone of voice is in the right hands (whether you’re redefining it or starting from scratch). Learn from Snoop.

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