21 Jun

Look away for a bit

On Friday, I was working on a screen all day.

When I received calls, I was on another screen.

On my way home, I checked my social media, bank account, and emails on a screen.

When I got home, I worked on a screen again.

When I finally decided to wrap things up for the day, I was entertained via another screen.

Today, I did a little editing on a screen.

I answered some funny texts on a screen.

I looked at my sister’s holiday photos on one screen.

I looked at my parents’ holiday photos on a different screen.

I’m writing this post on a screen.

All of the above explains why I won’t buy a Kindle. The last thing I want to do is convert the pleasure of reading (leisure time, as opposed to reading for research) to another screen-based activity.

Do me a favour, after you’ve read this (assuming you’re still reading): put down all screen-based items and just enjoy the rest of your day.
And – as I’m starting to do – enforce rules. I’ve started to close my laptop at 10pm, no matter what deadline I’m up against, and no matter who has just messaged me.
My eyes and brain need a break, and I do not need to be staring at bright light that close to going to bed.

If my work suffers, so be it.

I reckon many of us are just one hour from screen-induced psychosis, every day.

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