17 Mar

Make people laugh

I saw this (or, rather, heard it) earlier today, and – simply put – it made me laugh:

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it before, but it still made me laugh, and – to be frank – I needed it. I’d had a pretty crap day up ’til that point.
You know what made me laugh most of all, though? The woman’s response. Her laughter made me laugh.
That’s the thing with laughter: it’s infectious. It’s a lovely feeling to find something that funny. It’s also nice to watch other people laugh and be happy… which, in turn, makes us feel happy.

That’s why viral videos (or any viral idea) which are funny, get passed around so quickly: people love being made to laugh, and they like the idea of passing on something that’ll make their friends and family laugh, too.

See if you can think of a quick, funny idea or comment – it could be a tweet, a 30-second clip filmed on your mobile, a funny picture with a caption… anything simple – that says something about your company or your industry, and see if you can get it to ‘go viral’.
If it doesn’t go viral, who cares? It won’t have cost money, and it was worth a shot. If it does go viral, well…

But, think about it: we’re still in tricky economic times, it’s March and a bit grey, the news is all about terrorism/death/economic uncertainty/natural disaster. People need something to lighten the mood, something to distract them, something to just make them giggle for two minutes.
If you can make your audience laugh, you’re onto a winner.

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