28 May

My ears! Make it stop!

Nothing particularly insightful in this post, but – for the love of all that is sacred – can we all, please, stop using these stupid phrases;

*I, personally believe, that my belief is…’ –
you had my at ‘I’ and ‘believe’

*As humans, we tend to…’ –  what other species could possibly be talking?

*’We must learn the lessons of the past…’ well, the alternative is tricky.

*‘Moving forwards….’

*’We need a can-do approach to this (role/situation)’ – damn my cursed can’t-do attitude!

*’Why don’t we try thinking outside the box / out-of-the-box thinking?’ – surely, even the most ardent fans of cliches must know that this is the grand emperor of cliches by now? Every time I hear it, a small part of me (maybe just a leg hair) withers and dies.


Let’s just agree to avoid these phrases. Thank you, in advance, for you cooperation in this matter.



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