05 Jan

Nama Raw Foods

Nama Raw Foods

Client: Nama Raw Foods – A raw food and juice restaurant, based in Notting Hill, who also offer raw food cookery courses, catering services, private hire, and individually tailored cleanse and detox programmes.

Brief: Nama Raw Foods had moved from Queen’s Park to a much larger premises, in Notting Hill, and – as a result – were now aiming at a slightly different audience.
They needed content for their new website, to reflect these changes, put forward the benefits of a raw food diet, and increase interest in their offerings outside of just serving food; workshops, catering, private hire.
The content also had to highlight that everything is a fresh as can be, strictly organic and vegan, and never made off-site.

Working with their new web design, I created content to entice both those who are already in the know about raw food and those looking to try it for the first time.
New profiles were created for the co-founders and the Nama philosophy was completely rewritten.
Writing the content involved extensive research into the raw food and juice world, how and why people are into this particular diet, and who the ‘big players’ are.
The previous content contained information on raw food and Nama, but was quite clinical: there was a disconnect between that information and the emotion of caring about raw food, the craft of it, and the lifestyle as a whole.
The content was rewritten to be warm, friendly, and authoritative on raw food.
Copy had to be SEO-friendly and build on the good work they’d already done in this respect.
Image captions and tags were written for all images across the site.

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