04 Dec

Not just an ad campaign

I think both huge multinational brands and SMEs can learn from this…

Sometimes, you don’t need to have a brilliant creative idea across your marketing, a one-off ad campaign, or even within your long-form copy.

Sometimes, brilliant writing is the idea.

I first heard the Not On The High Street Christmas campaign on the radio, but have since seen the TV ad, below.

It’s not overly creative, it doesn’t have a clever concept behind it… it’s just very well written.

It constantly reinforces the brand position (unique gifts you simply can’t get from most run-of-the-mill, national/multinational retailers) with ‘not what…’, and – double whammy – hammers home the brand name.
But it all sounds quite natural – not too contrived.

It’s neatly finished off with:

Not like other gifts.
Not like other websites.
Not On The High Street.com

What’s great about this is, usually, stating what you’re not (rather than, as a brand, what you are) would be seen as a negative, every time… unless your name is Not On The High Street.

I really like this campaign. The brand / agency haven’t taken a huge lateral leap, but it’s neat, well thought through, and very well written. Pats on the back, all round.

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