03 Mar

Of value?

I pull into a petrol station, get out of my car, and see this by my feet:



You may have to look a little closer, but there’s a small, shiny 5p coin next to the cracked concrete.
It was wet, from the rain, and sat in the middle of a rainbow, oily reservoir.

Petrol ain’t cheap, and this coin had a value… but not a great enough value for me to pick it up, out of the oil, water, and dirt. It’s that split-second dilemma; ‘It’s a coin. It’s money… but am I really that desperate that I need to pick 5p up from the floor?’

It’s an analogy worth considering in respect of the various ‘free / special offers’ I see, and the various lead generation campaigns that involve an initial ‘lead magnet’ (an informative PDF, a brochure, a ‘how to’ or ‘top tips’ guide, an e-book, a free trial, or a free consultation).

In all cases, the thing on offer has value, but does it have enough value for someone to sign up, give out their contact information, or engage further with your business? Is it enough of a makeweight?
Is what’s on offer truly useful, or is it abundantly clear that it’s purely a sales hook – the bare minimum you can offer to get someone interested in your brand?

If all you’re offering is akin to that oily 5p on the floor, then it’s simply not enough. Interest will be minimal, as will conversions.
Now, if you said 20p – that’d be worth picking up (with a sly look over each shoulder).

Make sure your ‘offer’ really is an offer – something worthwhile.

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