10 Dec

Pen and paper…mmmmmm

I don’t do this too often, but this post kind of links to the previous one.

Does anyone remember the press ad for Honda, from years back, where the copy was written on a banana? Well here it is:


If you’ve never written on a banana skin, in biro, please try it: what the advert says is true – it flows with an ease you wouldn’t believe.

The next thing back from this is – pure and simple – writing with a pen on paper. We just don’t do it anymore. We don’t need to … but it feels so good.

We’ve got laptops, touchscreen phones and tablets, Evernote and iDevice, which even record audio notes (I’ve written this in recognition of supreme app developer, and fan of all things ‘tech’, Richard Eaton – check him out, here)but, for me, nothing beats that feeling – that buzz – of putting pen to paper and just scribbling down ideas like an absolute fiend.

When I put pen to paper (putting aside the fact that my handwriting is atrocious) there’s a connection between the idea in my head, the electrical impulse running down my arm, and my hand moving and writing feverishly on a pad.
There were no computers when I was a kid, so I first learned to love writing by putting pen (or pencil) to paper and just ‘letting rip’. That’s stayed with me.

When I put my hands to a laptop keyboard, I just don’t get the same feeling – there’s a disconnection between what’s in my brain, typing it on keys, and having it appear on the screen. I think I might’ve been born in the wrong era…

Well, whatever the case, I’m stuck with writing on devices rather than on paper. It’s that or be skint, so I’ll just have to crack on.

If you get the chance though, try to write on paper some time soon, or – better still – a banana.

Happy scribbling 🙂

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