03 Sep

Pinpoint targeting

I heard a radio advert earlier, and I wish I could find a clip of it to post on here, but I can’t.

It’s not so much that it’s that creative, but it’s incredibly well targeted.

It’s an advert for Boots hearing tests (and subsequent hearing aid fittings), that’s running on Classic FM.

It opens with some classical music and a male voiceover informing us that ‘Beethoven went deaf at just 26 years old, but still carried on making music’.

This is a cracking start:

1. It’s interesting.
2. It’s entirely relevant to the radio station on which the ad is running, and the music they play.
3. It’s entirely relevant to the audience who listen to that station / classical music in general.

The ad is also aimed at just the right audience in terms of those who may be losing their hearing.
A large chunk of Classic FM’s listeners are 50+ years old (this isn’t just a crass stereotype, check out their stats). They’re at a time in life when their hearing may well start to fade, at which point they’ll need a hearing test and/or a hearing aid.

The ad goes on to ponder; ‘imagine not being able to hear Beethoven any more’.
This is a little mercenary, but still entirely relevant to the script, the station, the audience, and hearing.

Finally, there’s the offer of the chance to see a concert at the Royal Albert Hall if listeners pop into Boots for that hearing test.

It’s wonderfully well targeted: ideal station, ideal audience, ideal script, and ideal offer in relation to the station on which it’s running and who it’s aimed at.

Think about that when choosing what product/service/offer to market, who to, and across which media channel(s).
Is your ad wasted on a broad (yet largely irrelevant) audience, or is it aimed straight at the very people who’d be interested in what you have to offer?

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