29 Jan

Popchips: Honest. Funny.

I commented on the Popchips ads yesterday, but they’re worth a little blog post.

I like them.

I really, really like them.

Because the humour is in the honesty of these ads, or the way in which their target audience relates to them (and snacking in general).

Here are a couple of the posters (I think they’re running as press ads, too):



They tap into that mindset of the person who tries to look after themselves, but isn’t a slave to the gym, and ‘lapses’ with the occasional takeaway, or thinks ‘sod it – I’ll have a couple of glasses of wine tonight’.

Popchips are still crisps, but they’re not quite as bad for you as normal crisps. If you really wanted to be good, you’d have a piece of fruit… but Popchips will do. Maybe you’re going to get a ‘meal deal’ at Tesco/Sainsbury’s, so you get a sandwich, a drink, and you get Popchips instead of McCoy’s, just to feel a bit better about yourself.

I love the endline, too. I can imagine someone saying it; ‘Well, I’ve been a bit good… so I can have this bit of cake’. It’s conversational, simple, and it talks how people talk.

If you have a product or service, you could do a lot worse than taking the Popchips route: have a look at what you offer and try to be honest about how your target audience view it – the kind of things they’d say about you, your company, or your products if they were chatting in the pub. It might just be that there’s a good marketing campaign somewhere in there.

Well played, Popchips. Well played.


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