29 Mar

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That blank page – it’s a nightmare.
The horror of space with nothing in it.
The terror of watching the bouncing cursor and thinking; ‘I’ve got nothing to say’.

Do you ever get that feeling?
Does your work involve starting with a blank canvas?
What are your thoughts at the start of each project?
Are you overwhelmed?

I’ve found something possibly harder than actual work: the briefs set by organisations when I’m going for a job.
You only have one chance to get it right (no feedback or second edit) and you’re aiming at two audiences: the target audience for the piece of work, plus the one person (or maybe more) who’s going to read it… you’re second guessing what they think of as ‘good’.

Before each of these tests, I get a massive dose of imposter syndrome, like I’ve never written before and I haven’t a clue what to do.
My last two tests have been landing page content and Facebook ads, and email content.
In each case, I froze for a good 10 minutes before laying down a stitch of copy, then I reread the brief, slowly, then waded through the tone of voice guide… then I laid down that all-important first line of copy. After four hours (six hours on the other piece), I was done. So, it was possible.

But I get this at the start of every brief… yet there’s never been one I haven’t completed.
So, knowing this, my initial fear makes no sense – I’ve always got past that difficult first stage… but I can’t stop the anxiety. I don’t understand my brain.

Has anyone else got this? Does anyone else believe they’re a failure/doomed to fail before every piece of work? Do you then go on to complete the work and wonder what your initial fear was all about?

I’d love to hear from you.
Leave your comments below.

Thanking you.



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