03 Mar

Rotary International

Rotary International

Client: Rotary International is a worldwide organisation with huge influence, whose 1.2 million members campaign for charitable causes, raise funds for such causes, and meet to make new business contacts and friends.
The British arm of this organisation, Rotary Great Britain & Ireland, needed content written for their brand new Rotary e-club website.

Brief: Rotary Great Britain & Ireland (RIBI) wanted content written for their new website aimed at getting people, nationwide, to join their e-club.
E-club membership allows new members to commit to the organisation and its aims, without the same time commitments or having to attend meetings at a physical location.
RIBI wanted to dispel the notion that being a Rotarian is time-consuming, and attract an audience of digital-savvy 30-somethings, who are entrepreneurial and want to contribute to society, while make new business contacts at the same time.

The content had to adhere to the general Rotary tone of voice, but with a modern spin, and get across that – as a nationwide club – the Rotary e-club could help national charity projects, not just local ones.

Solution: Working with their new web design, I created content that adhered to the Rotary tone of voice and the principles of Rotary, whilst attracting a completely new audience of e-club members.
Writing the content involved extensive research into the Rotary movement worldwide (history, ethos, practices), RIBI, the various Rotary e-clubs
that exist in a local sense (Rotary East Anglia being one), and the first ever Rotary e-club, which started in Colorado.

The content was written to be authoritative, yet friendly and relaxed: the whole idea was to avoid an air of stuffiness and rigid conformity.

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