26 May

Simple creativity: a different view

I saw this last week, and thought; ‘ what a brilliant, simple idea’.

Land Rover Floated Up The Thames in Huge Rugby World Cup Ball

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is to be held in England, with the final played at Twickenham stadium.

To promote the forthcoming event and give the main sponsor – Land Rover – a bit of publicity, a giant rugby ball was floated down the River Thames, coming to rest by Tower Bridge.

Why Tower Bridge? Well, if it isn’t already obvious, the bridge looks like a set of rugby posts … and the ball looks ready to be kicked between those posts.

This is simple, lateral thinking at its finest: viewing an object as something else, and making it relevant to the idea.
The Rugby World Cup is in England. The capital of England is London. Tower Bridge is in London and looks like rugby posts. Stick a giant, to scale, rugby ball by it… job done.

Great Idea. Love it.

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