15 May

Small brand, big thinking

I was at an exhibition yesterday, at the Excel centre, London.

On my way out, I realised I was a bit peckish (actually, I tend to realise this every couple of hours).
There are a number of food outlets at the Excel, but one in particular caught my eye; not because of its food, but because of its branding.

The name of the company was ‘Wrapid’.

I’m not a huge fan of puns in business/advertising, but this name works; they sell wraps, and they make them quickly.
In this case, they’re located in a busy exhibition centre, where people are on the go: business folk with five minutes to pop out and grab some food before visiting more stands. The ‘rapid’ element is key.

The company actually serves different types of worldwide food in the wraps; Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian.

I mention this because their strapline absolutely nails what they’re all about; ‘Hand-held world food’.

That’s a cracking strapline;

*Just four words long.
*Sums up what they do (and gives the benefit of using them).
*Consonance from the four Ds: Hand-held world food (memorable).

Put the name and strapline together and feels as if someone really thought through the branding for this company.

Well done, Wrapid – your sandwiches aren’t bad either.

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