15 Aug

Sounds a bit odd

End of the week. Can’t be bothered to write anything meaningful. No point bashing people’s heads with something deep and marketingy (it’s a real word – honest), so…

I came across a really odd phrase in an article, this morning: ‘peanut-free aircraft’

I’ve never heard this phrase before and it tickled me somewhat, so I decided to come up with some other phrases that will almost certainly never be used again;

*Non-confrontational tree

*Indigenous lollipop

*Rubber-free pub

*Semi-conscious butterfly

*Effervescent bench

*Formidable phonebox

*Reliable puddle

*Unimaginable staircase

*Rampant coffee cup

*Sensual paving stone

Right that’ll do. I hope you’ve learnt a lot from this post. I’ll now crack on and do some work.

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