19 Mar

Tactical ads

I’m hoping someone can confirm this for me, but I’m sure Mick Jagger had an affair – many years ago – accidentally revealed via fax.
Off the back of this, I’m pretty sure that Royal Mail ran a brilliant tactical ad, the day after the affair was revealed, stating: ‘Keep your affairs private, send a letter’
This is the first time I remember being aware of what a good tactical ad was and how smart the thinking is behind such ads, given the quick turnaround from incident, to initial idea, to the ad appearing in public.

I was reminded of the potency of a decent tactical ad, when I saw this, today, from Dacia:


The only letdown for me (apart from the fact I think this could’ve been even funnier/pithier than it already is) was that, as the date of the 2014 budget has been known for some time, there’s been plenty of time to create this: it’s not truly tactical.

Anyway here’s some more: enjoy.

Lynx3                    33996_Thatcher_440x286.pdf

975-veet_advert-thumb-450x626              virgin-holidays-tactical-tweet-06-02-13

audi-takes-quick-chess-lessons-from-bmw-5792_1       baby George_0


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