06 Jul

That buzz

A really quick post, as it’s Sunday evening and I’m competing with the Antiques Road Show for your attention.

Last week, a new brief landed on my desk for a client in a sector I haven’t worked on before. I didn’t worry in the slightest, I just got a – to slip into vernacular – ‘proper buzz’ about starting on a new piece of work, finding out about something I know little of, and producing a good finished product at the end of it all.

As of Monday, I have another new brief starting, and then another one at the end of the week. I get the same buzz, each time.

The long and the short of it is, no matter what you do – whether you’re employed or self-employed – you should be getting a buzz out of what you do (even on the cr*p days, when you feel a little jaded), particularly when starting a new project.
It’s the only way you can be sure that you’ll produce the best work you can, each time – because you care about what you’re doing.
If your response to the start of every new project is apathy or disdain, then it’s possibly time to look at a new arena or a change of scenery.

Only when you get that ‘proper buzz’ out of what you do, can you really produce good stuff.

Here’s to a belting week ahead for all!

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