15 Sep

That Corbyn fella

Where did that come from? Some bloke called Jeremy Corbyn just came from virtual obscurity to leading the Labour party.
And he didn’t just win the vote to do this – he absolutely annihilated his rivals for the position. His 60% of the vote, compares to 19% (a third of the votes that Corbyn received) for his nearest rival, Andy Burnham, 17% for Yvette Cooper, and 4% for Liz Kendall.

Whether you like the guy, and his politics, or not, do you want to know why he’s stormed to victory?


Whether in speech or in writing, Jeremy Corbyn comes across with utter conviction, and sincerity.
Why? Because he’s not afraid to state his mind on policies that would be incredibly unpopular with some e.g in relation to rent caps in the private rental market, a maximum wage for CEOs, nationalising energy companies.
He doesn’t seem to want to soften this approach just to get more votes – he believes what he believes, and he’s sticking to it.
He’s also been involved in the socialist movement for over 40 years, well before he was in the limelight or had any reputation at all. See below:


If he didn’t actually believe in what he’s been campaigning for then, at the age of 66, he’s wasted his whole life. I don’t believe anyone’s that stubborn… unless they truly believe in what they’re putting forward.

And because he’s the first party leader (or even the first MP) in years who comes across as being vaguely honest and sincere (as opposed to simply saying what’s popular, to catch a broader selection of voters), it’s galvanised those who’d either given up on politics or couldn’t find a party / politician they believed in – these are the people who voted him in.
(He’s also a genuine alternative to ‘the other guys’, not just ‘a slightly different version’).

The thing is, ‘the Corbyn effect’ could well have relevance to your business. Does that business exist because you’ve found something that makes you money, or does it exist because you really believe in / love the product or service your offer (and it just so happens to make you money)?
When you speak to someone about what you do (or what your company does), do you talk about it in a practical sense – far removed – or do you talk about it with passion, excitement, and enthusiasm, even to the point of going a little over the top?

I ask this because – trust me – when side by side, people can tell the difference (whether in written content or face to face) between a business that’s ‘just about the money’ Vs ‘I’m actually into what I do’.
If I have two similar companies vying for my custom, with very little to separate them, it’s the one that comes across as really into what they offer that gets my business.

Have conviction. Be sincere. Go the Corbyn route.

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