24 Nov

The bleedin’ obvious

My last post was about the bleedin’ obvious, but there’s two types of bleedin’ obvious:

1. Uninspired bleedin’ obvious e.g a strapline for a sports channel that reads ‘Where great sport happens’.

2.  Clever bleedin’ obvious.

What in heaven’s name am I talking about, with type two?

Here goes…

I saw this, below, whacked it on Facebook, and simply commented ‘smart’:


A friend commented that the ad was ‘obvious’.

She’s right … but that’s what makes it smart.

I’ve not seen that idea – as obvious as it is – for Post-It notes before.
It stands out, because it’s so simple….so …. obvious.

It’s the kind of ad (or idea) that makes you marvel at its simplicity with an ‘aaah’.
It’s the kind of ad that makes you think; ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ (this happens to me a lot).

The reason this thinking is so smart is because it takes an uncommon, and uncluttered, mind to come up with it.
It’s born of doing the opposite of thinking too hard or ‘trying to be clever’.
It’s basic, lateral thinking at its finest: the bleedin’ obvious.

Take a look at these. All fall under ‘the bleedin’ obvious’ or ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

All are brilliant.

Tropicana copy   Final

HariboBears        84365045

84365040   z_2d0ff401

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