10 Nov

The Link App

The Link App

Client: The Link App – an app designed by The Apprentice contestant, Lauren Riley, to revolutionise the way law firms do business with their clients.

Brief: The Link App is designed to completely change the way law firms interact with clients, saving them both time and money, and keeping those clients constantly in the loop with the latest updates on their case.
The content had to be aimed at both law firms and their clients, getting across the advantages of using the app to both of them, setting out its features, and showing how easy it is to use.

Solution: Working with the existing website design, I created copy outlining the key features of the app and the benefits to both law firms and clients.
The copy was written to give just enough information about the app, without giving the whole game away.
It was also written to overcome potential objections from senior partners, in law firms, and to show how, in fact, their firm would have a competitive advantage over others in using The Link App.
The tone of voice – taken from the brief – is punchy, direct, yet sympathetic; acknowledging that it’s hard managing caseloads, but law firms don’t have a choice but to be more productive, not least to compete with other firms.

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