10 Feb

Trying to prove a point

I was having a conversation with someone (get that, freelancers – a real life conversation with a fellow human) a couple of days ago about how many posts
they should write per week, and how many posts I write.
I worked out that – on top form – I write 15 posts per week, across three different blogs.

This is really hard to sustain, and sometimes I struggle for things to write about.
Today is one of those days … which makes this post incredibly dry, AKA boring.

My point: only write when you feel inspired to or when you’ve really got something to say – something which will engage your audience.
You may not have something to write about every single day. If that’s the case, don’t do it.
It may suit you better to load up on posts: write three, for the week, on a lazy Sunday and save them as drafts.

Don’t just fill your posts with irrelevant crap or write for the sake of it, though.
Your audience will forgive you one poor post, but give them three poor posts and they have reason to stop coming back – you’ve set a pattern.

Better to stay silent for a bit than bore your audience.


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