11 Sep

What does that mean?

I was waiting on a train platform last night, on my way to meet friends, and I was running late.
I have a reputation for turning up late when we all meet for a pint, so I was willing a train to arrive bloody quickly.

I glanced up at the digital notice board, and it showed two trains that were heading to Watford (I was getting off at Liverpool Street), that simply had a note next to them: ‘delayed’.

This note was as useful as a crepe paper umbrella.

Delayed? Delayed from when? Delayed for how long: how many minutes? How late would I be?

Be careful when it comes to your content, in respect of the above. Saying something like you offer ‘good service’ or ‘quality service’ doesn’t mean very much: ‘Good’ in relation to what? By comparison to who? ‘Good’ in what respect: what aspect of your service is particularly good?
It’s the same with calling your company ‘innovative’: In what way are you innovative? What do you do that’s innovative?

When writing any of your content, just have a read thorough, and think; ‘what does this actually mean to the person reading it?’

As it turned out, I was only ‘delayed’ by seven minutes – would’ve been nice to know that when the notice first went up though.

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