20 Oct

Why not just communicate?

 Take a look at this:

What copy

‘Maximising’…. ‘Strategic balancing act’… ‘Achieving a desired outcome’…’specific timeframe’…’executing the strategy’

What does all of this mean? When did we all start talking like this? Or, rather, when did we all start talking like this to the point that not using such language marks you out as strange, or unprofessional (or both)?

Why do we suddenly use marketing gobbledygook / management speak in an office environment, when we use normal language to communicate in every other scenario? Is there some ‘office language’ chip that gets triggered as we pass through the glass doors at the entrance? Surely, the point of communicating is to… well… communicate, in the simplest way possible – to be sure that someone understands what you’re saying and what you want them to do. Why would you use a specific type of ‘office/agency speak’ if you could just talk in a way another human instantly understands? To sound more professional? Why would you want to stand a lesser chance of being understood, by having staff have to translate what you’ve just told them into language that makes sense? Would you talk to your wife/husband, friends, or family like that? If not, why not?

Sometimes, you have to wonder if we’ve become so ‘civillised’ that we’ve actually gone full circle and become stupid again.

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