27 Sep

You still gotta communicate!

Something light and easy for all, as no-one’s going to read anything heavy at this time on a Friday:

Unbelievably, copy exists outside of advertising messages.  Not only that, this copy still has to communicate as much as any advert would, if not more so (think: safety messages, directions, service announcements etc).Does this mean that these non-advertising messages are always flawless? Apparently not.

I spotted this beauty, below, walking back to my car from a station:


Am I missing something here? don’t plain clothes officers wear plain clothes so as not to be highly visible, giving them more chance of catching people ‘in the act’?
I’m sure they’re not the sharpest tools in the box, but I can’t imagine too many car thieves working in close proximity to someone in a fluorescent yellow jacket.

On the same day, I also spotted this sign by railway lines near a supermarket:


Does anyone, outside of the security industry, know what forensic tagging is? What’s wrong with good old fashioned ‘CCTV is in operation here’?
Without a PHD I have no idea why I should be worried about committing a crime by the gate, above.

Finally, nothing to do with confusing communication as such, just a love for the sheer optimism of the stall-holder, below:


Don’t get me wrong,  I’m sure grilled Polish Sausage is lovely, but this stall was right in the middle of Notting Hill Carnival: the annual two-day festival of Caribbean culture, in London.
Every other stall, without exception, sold jerk chicken, rice and peas, beef patties. I’d be interested to know how this chap fared over the two days. As I said, hats off to him for optimism!

Anyway, that’s me done for now. Happy weekend one and all.

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