04 Aug

An idea which creates a buzz

I really, really tried not to write a horrendous, punny title for this post… but I failed.

Anyway, a friend of mine posted another fantastic idea (second to the chocolate coins/Euros thing I was banging on about yesterday). This:


What I love about this, is that it’s creativity used to solve a real problem, rather than a creative idea that’ll shift more of a particular product or sell people into a service.

But what’s so good about it, is that it doesn’t take a huge lateral leap from the original problem (it’s pointless having obscure creativity getting in the way of an important message); it simply makes a point in a way that is completely relevant to a captive audience, at their point of purchase (or selection).

People often need to be pushed into caring, with a ‘what’s in it for me? / ‘why should I be bothered by this?’
Humans, by nature, are selfish creatures: we’re looking after no.1. We’re not really bothered by something until we can see how it would affect us.
Bar nature/animal lovers, most people – sadly – couldn’t give a shit about; ‘aaah, cute, cuddly bees…. isn’t it a shame they’re dying?’
However, they would be bothered if no bees meant never being able to buy the fruit and vegetables they like…. or no alcohol (wine from grapes, beer from hops etc)…. or no tobacco etc.
Suddenly, the problem – in highlighting it as shown in the idea above – affects the audience directly, in a way they might not have thought of before.

It’s a simple idea, brilliantly executed.

I take my hat off to whoever is behind it.

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